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Buy:T smart marketing for local small business Buy:T smart marketing for local small business
Buy:T, text marketing, email marketing for local business

Text marketing allows you to quickly and easily advertise your products or services through sending information to mobile phones. It is a new, expanding form of marketing that was developed to meet the growing technological demands of 21st century mobile device users. While people read only 20% of the email ads that they receive, they open 97% of the text messages! Furthermore, customers prefer virtual marketing offers that are delivered directly to them via mobile devices because it means that they do not need to print anything out, they can simply bring their phone along with them to redeem a deal!

Our advanced system delivers the latest O2O marketing methods using a combination of text marketing for conventional cell phone users and e-mail for smart phone users. Our mission is to help you expand your business by helping you to incorporate O2O marketing into your daily advertisement efforts. Mobile really is the future. Stay on top of the big wave, and don't be left behind!